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Wilmington is a very special place. Those of us fortunate enough to live here share concerns about the difficulty of balancing healthy growth with protecting our quality of life.  
Since 2011 the majority in the General Assembly has had the wrong priorities: tax breaks for corporations and polluters instead of ensuring properly funded schools, affordable healthcare, and clean drinking water.

This year, we can restore common sense and fairness to our great state by electing new leaders whose priorities are in the right place.

I am a public high school teacher, a lacrosse coach, a father, a husband, and a volunteer. I am not pursuing a political career. I am running for office because I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch this great state be dismantled by those corrupted by power, pursuing an extreme agenda that only works for corporations and the ultra-wealthy. They are failing all of us.

Together, we can begin the hard work of restoring the promise of hope to our children and each other.

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Putting My Experience to Work

We deserve good schools, safe water, clean air, and an honest government. We deserve to have our concerns heard and our opinions respected. This isn't about me as a person, but this is personal. 


I am running for The North Carolina House to represent us. All of us. 


I take my responsibility as a citizen seriously. I recognize that we each choose a way to participate. 


I am a public school teacher and coach. A father and a husband. A volunteer and an advocate. 

And today, I am a candidate. Because everything I have done tells me that I need to do more. 


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