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Paid for by the Committee to Elect Adam Ericson

Committee to Elect Adam Ericson

8854 Brantwood Ct

Wilmington, NC 28411

We should not be cutting funding from our schools and denying the impact on our students and teachers.

We have fallen from 19th in the nation to 39th .

We are 42nd in the country for teacher pay.

We continue to siphon resources from our public schools for the benefit of charter schools that operate with no accountability for how they spend our tax dollars.


We need 21 st century, innovative practices that embrace the use of technology, promote citizenship and encourage each student to strive to reach their potential.


Funding. We need more funding.

Openness. We need to be open to new ideas and recognize that the way children learn today is different from the way many of us learned in the past.

We need equitable investments in our schools. Why do some schools have state of the art technology while others have no desks and no textbooks?

Investing in great teachers by paying them a living wage and for recognizing teachers with advanced degrees with higher pay.

Poorly performing schools impact every aspect of our community. Our children. Our home values. Our ability to attract new businesses and large employers, even our crime rate.

There is no more important investment we can make that in our public schools.