If we want to restore our once-great public schools to their former reputation we need to take bold, immediate action. Every day I see us losing ground in the classroom. Every day another child in North Carolina is missing out on a 21st Century education.


Since politicians defunded our schools in 2011, we have gone from 19th in the nation for school quality and safety to 42nd-- and they are proud of their work on education.

That is not what I want for my children, or yours. As a public school teacher I live with the consequences of their choices every day, and so do my students.


What can we do?

We must fund education adequately and equitably.

  • This will allow us to recover from the devastating cuts that the Republican majority have made over the past 10 years making North Carolina, a once shining example of public education, to one of the worst performers in the country.

  • Go back to pre-2011 spending per student and the number of teachers’ aides in the classrooms.

  • Begin to generate more than $8B the state needs to provide a sound, BASIC education.

  • Give to schools based on need rather than continuing to allow the quality of a school to be determined by its zip code.


Education is the most important building block for a robust, stable, and growing economy. Education is critical to attracting businesses to New Hanover County and North Carolina. It impacts the crime rate, the demand on resources for social services, and the health of our democracy.