Sierra Club

Swing Left

"Swing Left is invested in a campaign to get progressive politicians elected at every level of government in order to overturn Republican Gerrymandering and enact policy that works for the people at every level. They share our mission, and we are proud to have been identified by Swing Left as a key race for 2020 in accomplishing that mission"

Now or Never NC

"Now or Never NC backs top Challengers who strongly support public education, redistricting reform, voter access, and who have an appreciation for local governance. We are proud of our support received from Now or Never NC and their recognition of this campaign as one built on our shared values."

DLCC Spotlight Candidate

"I am honored that the DLCC recognizes the importance of our race by featuring me as a Spotlight Candidate. 


They're working to build the party from the ground up, and we are ready to help that fight!"


"EveryDistrict seeks to rebuild the Democratic Party by winning power back at the state level through better data and better approaches to fundraising. They believe it is important to run and support strong Democratic races at every level. They have identified our race as a strong contender to help flip the NC General Assembly, and their support is invaluable in making sure we elect excellent officials at the top and the bottom of the ticket."

Planned Parenthood Votes! SA

"We stand firmly with a woman's right to bodily autonomy and the important work that Planned Parenthood does to provide many different forms of vital healthcare for women. We are proud to receive the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Votes and look forward to working with them in our mission to bring Our Voice to Raleigh."

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Committee to Elect Adam Ericson

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