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Paid for by the Committee to Elect Adam Ericson

Committee to Elect Adam Ericson

8854 Brantwood Ct

Wilmington, NC 28411

Why did the majority in the NCGA deny the Department of Environmental Quality the ability to enforce the laws written to protect our water from PFUA’s and other contaminants? Who benefited from that decision?

Not us.

We should fully empower the DEQ to enforce the laws, research the impact of the current water contamination crisis, and provide guidance on a path forward.

This is no small undertaking and it will require both time and resources. But none of us want Wilmington to become known as “the next Flint.”

The General Assembly is full of advocates for off-shore drilling, an industry that would endanger our environment and damage our tourism. Why focus on off-shore drilling when North Carolina is one of the best potential spots for offshore wind-farming? We can create good jobs that generate clean renewable energy and won’t hurt our beaches or our tourism. We saw it work with solar in North Carolina, it can work with the wind too.

The great state of North Carolina has a long and proud heritage of farming. We need to make sure that our farmers remain strong and resilient. We also need to leverage 21st-century technology to protect neighboring communities, or in our case, downstream communities, from the dangerous byproducts of large farming operations. We can coexist but we need to work together to ensure that everyone is safe and those who are responsible for the contaminants are also responsible for cleaning up and managing them.