We need to expand Medicaid and make sure that all North Carolinian’s have access to quality healthcare without the fear of bankruptcy. A family of three earning less than $30,000 a year should not live in fear of medical bills when facing a profound health crisis.


What do we get by taking advantage of the Federal government funds?

(90% of Medicaid expansion is covered by the Federal government)

  • An estimated 634,000 North Carolinians gain access to a doctor.

  • An estimated 37,000 Medicaid expansion related jobs.

  • Almost $3 Billion to the gross state product.

  • Struggling hospitals are thrown a lifeline, protecting coverage for rural North Carolinians.

There is overwhelming evidence that healthcare is one of the most valued attributes of a strong community. If we want to attract green companies and 21st employers we need a healthy, educated population to support the business.

It is also the right thing to do. There is simply no reason not to do it.