On the Issues

Wilmington must consider how to address a considerable number of challenges and how to embrace many exciting opportunities. 


  • How do we encourage growth and manage traffic? 


  • How do we honor a commitment to providing affordable housing for our teachers, first responders, firefighters, police, and others without degrading our natural environment that nourishes our communities and makes Wilmington a gem of the state?


  • How do we make sure our students and teachers get the resources they need without allowing them to be exploited as budget bargaining chips to take away other critical programs and resources we all care about?


  • How do we honor our state’s agricultural tradition and feed our communities without writing agribusiness a blank check to put our watersheds and surrounding communities at risk every time a storm rolls through?


  • How can we create an environment that respects the rights of hunters and rural North Carolinian to feed their families and protect themselves while making sure that our children don’t have to go to school with bullet-proof backpacks?”

  • How can we defeat the opioid and drug epidemic without defeating the people suffering most from its claim on human dignity and life?

  • How can we make sure no one dies because they were afraid they couldn’t afford a trip to the doctor or a ride in an ambulance while still maintaining the world-renowned quality of North Carolina's medical care?”

  • How can we honor all our diverse communities when the air is increasingly filled with only a few loud voices?”


There are no easy answers. 


So let me ask you another question. When was the last time any of your representatives asked for your opinion? 


In 15 years of living in Wilmington, I have never once been asked. Not. Once. I think that needs to change. 


That is why I am running for office. 


Our kids need more than good, caring teachers in the classrooms. They need strong, dedicated advocates in the legislature! 


Our families need more than bottled water and ice. They deserve a focused, aggressive strategy for mitigating the toxic water flowing into our homes and prevent it from ever happening again. 


I realize our priorities may not all be the same. Young families just starting out have different priorities than empty-nesters or retirees. College students may have different concerns than workers. 


But, we all share this amazing place we call home.  


We all want thoughtful growth. We all want opportunities to expand and schools to improve. We need to change the way our state legislature represents us. All of us. 

Together we can make Wilmington better while preserving

what already makes it great.

What are your priorities?  

I want to hear from you. Email: info@ElectAdamEricson.com